Welcome to DhammaTime, a uniquely rational and pragmatic e-learning platform for meditation.

This site is currently in a transitory state. Here’s the TODO list, last updated 2018-03-16:

  • Upload all guided meditations to YouTube.
    Complete: 100% (YouTube Channel).
  • Prepare community forums for public access.
    Complete: 100% (Community Forums)
  • Transition from paid membership to accepting donations.
    Complete: 100% (Donate here)
  • Create technical basis for the new online book course format.
    Complete: 100% (The DhammaTime Book)
  • Migrate course contents to online book.
    Complete: 58%
  • Migrate blog articles to online book or community forums.
    Complete: 79%

Thank you for being part of this journey. Enjoy the ride!

PS: The last two points are taking considerably longer than the others, as they involve rewriting large portions of the existing content to fit the new format. To keep updated on those changes in detail, please see the book’s changelog.