It’s DhammaTime

Welcome to DhammaTime, a uniquely rational and pragmatic e-learning platform for meditation.

This site is currently in a transitory state. Here’s the TODO list, last updated 2017-10-22:

  • Upload all guided meditations to YouTube.
    Complete: 100% (YouTube Channel).
  • Prepare community forums for public access.
    Complete: 100% (Community Forums)
  • Transition from paid membership to accepting donations.
    Complete: 100% (Donate here)
  • Create technical basis for the new online book course format.
    Complete: 100% (The DhammaTime Book)
  • Migrate current course contents to online book.
    Complete: 6%
  • Move blog articles to online book or community forums.
    Complete: 59%

Thank you for being part of this journey. Enjoy the ride!